We are a Law Enforcement/Military Motorcycle Club that welcomes all riders who want to ride and have a good time. Although we are a Law Enforcement and Military Motor Club we also welcome Firefighters, EMT, Security, Dispatchers, and all Emergency Personnel and any supporters as well.  We are not a 1% Motor club nor do we portray to be. We are not affiliated to any 1% motor club. WE  ride to have fun ,enjoy the brotherhood and the camaraderie of our club and other LE MC.

We allow anyone with good intentions and support towards our club and what we do as a profession to ride with us and hang around our club. 

Come and see for yourself what its like to be a Blue Demon. 

We wear the bottom rocker to identify which state our members are from and we wear it with pride as it is the state we take an oath to serve and protect in many cities, counties, and community's within that state. Our intentions is to be a club of brotherhood where we go out and ride and distress from our daily lives we are looking to have fun and expand country wide and make great ties with other LE MC out there who are in it for the same reasons as us. We are not here to look for problems nor trouble we are professionals in and out of uniform and our club will be held to the highest standards at all times.

We will be involved with plenty of charity work from officers memorials to officers down to fund raising to support for law enforcement, fire, and our military and vets.

Not just anyone can join the club there are three steps to joining the club first step is the hang around process where you come around and the club meets you and we get to know you better. The second step is Once you have been a hang around you will be extended an application to apply to the club and become a prospect. The third step is once you have prospected anywhere from 3 months to a year at any time you can be given your official colors that you have earned and have had the right to wear. throughout the whole process you will never be asked to do anything illegal nor anything that would put your career in jeopardy or anything that will violate your departmental rules and regulations. 

We are one of the fastest growing  Law enforcement Motor Clubs out there and the fastest growing with chapters opening around the USA and Canada. We invite you to reach out, contact us and experience the brotherhood of the Blue Demons.